30 August 2020
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The 2nd week of my internship is over, which means I’ve been in Paris for nearly 3 weeks now. It feels odd that I won’t actually be settling here, and that I’ll very much feel like a stranger in the nest until I finally move to Nice in October and get to enjoy my own apartment, but I’m glad that I’m starting to feel more comfortable walking around on my own.

I have rented another studio on Airbnb to stay in September, which means I’m officially staying in Paris until the beginning of October. It’s on the ground floor of a building, which is slightly scary, but I hear the neighborhood is safe and I’m trying to focus on that. I had the option of staying with a friend, too, but her double bed was located on a mezzanine that had no safety rails or anything, and I was worried we’d accidentally push each other down during the night. You never know, it could happen. I don’t fancy a trip to the hospital, so I ended up investing in my own place again. I’m sad I won’t have the company, but I’ll try to hang out with people here as much as I can before I leave. I spent the whole day walking downtown with this friend yesterday, seeing all the fancy stores (Fendi, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Kate Spade, Max Mara… ah, Paris) and getting rained on. We also had lunch and dinner at the same time, when each of us ate a full Domino’s pizza at 4pm.

Speaking of pizza, I’m still eating better. I finally bought myself some snacks at the grocery store yesterday (cookies, ice cream and chips), but I haven’t attacked them yet, surprisingly. I hate how addicted I am to food and how I eat out of sheer boredom way too often. It seems that cutting noodles, rice and potatoes is working, though… I don’t intend on quitting them completely, but since my meals are always centered around them, I figured stopping for a while would force me to look for other things I can eat, and the plan has gone well so far. Since I’m working remotely, it seems I have more time to be concerned about what I’m eating, and I get to drink a lot more water, too (the perks of not having to worry about peeing all day in an office… I can just use my own bathroom!).

I thought I’d share some of the pics I took on Saturday! The first one is in the building my friend is living in, and I had a good laugh when I read the date. I’m not used to visiting places that are this old, as they’re very uncommon in the region I am from. A bathroom that hasn’t been used since the 19th century! I don’t actually know the name any of these places, however, as I have a bad memory and am also a horrible blogger.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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