31 March 2021
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I can’t believe I only wrote 1 post about Nice before I moved back to Paris. Not that I actually did much over there, as most of the things that were interesting to me fall into the category “to avoid during a pandemic”. Oh well.

It turns out that my blog was hacked back in October 2020, and with the eternal confinement, my move to a different city, my internship, my visa procedures… I honestly had no energy to figure out how to fix it. Having had fansites in the past, I’m pretty sure I not only knew how to do this before, but I must have done it multiple times. It still took some friendly help and random online articles to figure out what to do, though.

So! I’m back in Paris now, sharing a hotel room with a close friend, who I’m trying to rent an apartment with. The search has been exhausting, but I’m hoping it will be the last stressful chapter of 2021 for me. I have a work visa on the way, was hired as an employee of the company in which I did my internship, and have a flight ticket to visit my family in Brazil in June.

Anyway. I really want to write more, and I have some ideas for random and pretty much unrelated posts that I might work on soon.

I hope you all are doing well! If you’re still in a complicated covid-19 zone, please stay safe. ❤

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