Name: Gabriela
Birth: April 1993, Brazil

My friends call me Gabby (or Gabi, depending where they’re from). I spent my childhood South of Brazil, in 3 different cities, and was an exchange student in the United States as a teenager. After finishing my Bachelor’s in Psychology, I studied Human Resources Management in Canada, and later in France. I am fluent in Portuguese, which is my mother tongue, as well as in English and in Spanish. I started studying Korean and French in May 2019, and also took Italian classes for one year (I feel like I remember zero… sorry, Laura Pausini!).

My favorite pastime activities include reading books (romances, memoirs, scientific research), watching TV shows, movies and random videos of artists I like. Language studies and drawing lessons have entertained me a lot lately, too. I used to create fansites for many years, and the sole survivor of this hobby is – one of the oldest Emma Watson fansites online. Besides that one, some of the longest running fansites I had were for Saoirse Ronan (of which the Twitter account @weheartsaoirse survived), Claire Danes, Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning.

I’ve obsessively listened to Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears since I was a child. I have phases of their songs every year, in which I listen to basically nothing but them until it tires me a little and I move on. Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne and Sandy & Junior have also been very high up my list.

More recently, after I started studying Korean, I’ve given kpop a chance and haven’t stopped listening to Super Junior, TVXQ and Blackpink. I’ve been watching Korean television dramas fairly often, too, and my favorites so far have been “Healer”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Her Private Life” and “Fight For My Way”.