17 July 2022
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So, back in April, I brought home the sweetest Maine Coon kitten that was, at that time, about 5 months old. His name is Topaz! He’s now 8,5 months old, and he started showing symptoms of a possible health issue 3 weeks after his arrival – his stool suddenly became soft and bloody, and it’s been happening for several weeks now. We seem to have finally figured out that he

11 July 2021
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I’ll start by stating that this post is (unfortunately) not sponsored. Because I’ve been buying products from the same store, though, I’ve gotten an affiliate link to share on this post. So, a little background information: I have fairly oily skin, and I’ve only had dry patches in some specific locations a handful of times in my life (during winter in France, for example, or while traveling abroad. The affected