21 July 2020   No Comments

I was planning on posting pictures of a couple of recent cooking/baking adventures, but I’ve hit such a huge mental block lately that nothing productive seems to be happening inside my head.

I’m currently preparing for an internship that might or might not happen and is very likely not related to virtually anything I have ever studied or worked with, in a city I have never lived in and in a country I am very far away from. I’m looking for rooms to rent with a friend that I get along very well with, and we have traveled together before, so I know that we can spend many days together without wanting to kill each other… so there’s that.

I haven’t had the motivation to work on my Masters dissertation and I hate the way it looks now, but don’t know how to improve it and can’t concentrate enough to research more. The covid-19 situation in Brazil is an absolute tragedy and my state is getting worse and worse, while the government is just annoyed at how inconvenient this has become for the economy.

Anyway. Bad place mentally, over all. Still glad that myself, my family and my friends have been able to stay healthy and live comfortably through this mess. Hope it ends soon.

Please stay as safe as you can, everyone. Wishing you all the best, under these circumstances.

13 July 2020   No Comments

When the #BlackLivesMatter movement started picking up speed again on Twitter a couple of months ago, a friend and I talked about how we should be reading more about racial issues and how we could help, which launched a search for online sources that included book recommendations targeting white people.

We ended up spending quite some time on Goodreads trying to find books that had good reviews and that we could actually afford. I also looked at magazine articles and multiple websites, and was surprised by how divisive some of the recommended books were – in the sense that the communities that were being spoken of were “split” into groups that thought those books were helpful and groups that thought they were not. This makes sense, of course, because people experience and interpret things differently, so it is logical that their opinions won’t be the same. For someone on the outside, however, this complicates the search for educational material immensely, as those are the exact voices we must listen to.

The book that a lot of people seemed to agree was excellent was “So You Want To Talk About Race”, written by Ijeoma Oluo. The synopsis reads:

“In So You Want to Talk About Race, Editor at Large of The Establishment Ijeoma Oluo offers a contemporary, accessible take on the racial landscape in America, addressing head-on such issues as privilege, police brutality, intersectionality, micro-aggressions, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the “N” word. Perfectly positioned to bridge the gap between people of color and white Americans struggling with race complexities, Oluo answers the questions readers don’t dare ask, and explains the concepts that continue to elude everyday Americans.”

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