10 June 2020   4 Comments

I just had to make a post about the debut album of Super Junior’s subunit K.R.Y., which includes members Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun. I pretty much live for pop ballads, so it’s no surprise that I love every song released by this trio. The full album isn’t on Youtube, so I’m sharing two videos of its title single. The first one is the official music video, and the second is a live performance video – it does sound recorded, but anyone who’s seen these 3 specific members performing live knows they tend to sound exactly like they do in the album. Song recommendations related to the trio and lyrics to “When We Were Us” can be found under the cut!

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8 June 2020   No Comments

Before I start properly writing this post, I’d like to clarify I don’t really review books. The last time I’ve done this was probably during school, and I don’t often read reviews either. I do read a lot, though, and I’d like to get better at putting thoughts into paper (or keyboard?), so here goes nothing.

I started reading The Smell of Other People’s Houses, written by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, after I nosily saw a friend recommend it to someone else on Twitter. I have a habit of stealing book, movie and TV show recommendations through all types of social media, specially Goodreads – which is kind of the main reason I use the website. I admit what hooked me was the title. I am mostly attracted to book covers, and this one doesn’t disappoint, but it’s rare that I want to read a story just for the title it was given. I didn’t even actually read the summary before I started.

So I won’t read the summary now that I am done, either, and will instead write one myself. This is the story of many characters that live in Fairbanks, Alaska, told from the perspectives of the teenagers Ruth, Hank, Alyce and Dora. Although they are all interconnected through different aspects of their lives – such as family, neighborhood, school, fishing – they are not friends. A quick Google search will tell you that Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska, but you don’t see much of it through the eyes of these characters. The world as seen by them feels small and claustrophobic, even though not much time is spent in the description of their surroundings, with the exception of their own houses. The people are the focus of this narrative.

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